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Zsuzsanna Rohmann            P H O T O G R A P H Y

MY story...


Without photos, memories will only fade. It's not a theory. It's a fact.

When I was a kid, every year on my birthday a photographer friend would come too and he took lots of photos. Of us. Memories that fade or fade into the past, but come alive again with the help of photos. To this day, my son and I often flip through these albums, reminiscing about "Mom's childhood".

I was probably 16 when I got my Dad's film camera and started to capture holidays with it. To this day, I still actively take photos with a film camera. The film camera was later replaced by the digital camera, which I used to take pics of handball camps, family and friends gatherings and everything else I considered valuable and important.

Hello, I'm Zsuzsi, I'm from Hungary, I've been living in Essen with my husband, our teenage son and our two little dwarf bunnies for more than 10 years.  I am a Marketing and Advertising Manager by profession, I had worked for a big multinational company for many years.

I love travelling, reading, going to exhibitions and discussing the big things in life with friends over a cosy dinner. Running is part of my life, you can even run into me at a running events, but I also love eating chocolate.

With my pictures I want to convey the intimate moments, the atmosphere, all while keeping it natural.

My passion is photography. Especially since I live abroad, away from my homeland and my relatives, I have learned that the moments fade but photos remain.

Photographs are important to me and to you ?

My acknowledgments:

  • In 2009 The Cityscapes exhibition was held in the Tranzit café in Budapest between April 1-30, where my and 3 other photographers’ photos were shown.

  • In September 2009, one of my photos was exhibited at the World Press Photo Exhibition in Budapest.

  • In September 2010, three of my photos were exhibited at the World Press Photo Exhibition in Budapest.

  • Between 2011-12, I was the official photographer for the Boloria Baba-Mama dance house.

  • From 2016, I have been regularly taking photos of the Heisinger SV’s football teams.

  • On September 20, 2019, I was a guest photographer in the Rot Weiss Essen vs. Bonn match

  • On December 6, 2019 the Heisinger SV Card Collectible Album in collaboration with Sticker Stars was released. The cover photo was done by me.

  • On December 20,2019, I participated as a guest photographer in the match of the Bundesliga 2 TuSeM handball team.

  • I am a member of the Gallery of Refined Art Magazine

  • 2021 CEWE Photo Award winner 

  • 2022 Top Score

  • Publication Olympus  Photo Magazin  

  • 2023 CEWE Photo Award winner


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