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How does a photo shoot look like ?

Appointment agreement, procedure

If you have decided on a photo shoot, it is best to contact me as soon as possible so that I can guarantee your desired date.
We will then discuss your wishes and ideas of the shooting in advance and clarify any outstanding issues.
After all questions are clarified, and the date for your photo shoot is set, you will receive byE-mail your order confirmation and many more info & tips about your shooting.
The invoice amount is to be paid after receiving the order confirmation, after the shooting.


When do I get the photos ?

For sessions (engagements, couples, families, maternity) it takes only 3 days until you can view your high-quality edited images in your password-protected online gallery.
For weddings 4 weeks or less. It also depends on how busy my season is, but I do deliver a highlights selection in 3 days after your wedding.

Do you deliver RAW unedited images?

You will not get any RAW photos.
Imagine sitting down in a restaurantand ordering the pizza. You won"t get the ingredients but you will get the end product.
This is same with photography.
You trust me and you will not need the RAW photos.

Where are you living? Are you willing to travel for a wedding?

I'm living in Essen, Germany and yes, I happily travel wherever your love takes you – be it in  Italy, France, Hungary, the Netherlands… invite me


What should I wear during the shooting ?

  • Choose monochromatic clothes, many patterns or large inscriptions look jarring on the pictures.

  • Dress in warm earth tones

  • Maxi dresses look super nice in the wind

  • Dress in clothes that you can move well in

  • If you have a second outfit, please bring it ironed on a hanger.

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